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JMC Engineering Specialists Perform Complex Set of B737 FLS Tank Inspections for Czech Airlines Technics

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JMC successfully performed scheduled fuel tank structure inspections involving Flight Length Sensitive (FLS) tasks in conjunction with global independent MRO provider based at Prague Airport, Czech Airlines Technics (CSAT) on their maintenance partner’s Boeing 737 NG aircraft.

The mandatory aircraft fuel tank structure inspections were undertaken in three main stages by JMC’s experienced and dedicated team. The first phase required some secondary structural elements of the aircraft to be dismantled, including pipes and wing-to-fuselage junction fairings. Following that, JMC’s experts removed sealants and cleaned required areas ready for inspection. In the second stage, all prepared areas were inspected including non-destructive testing (NDT), and the final phase involved the restoration of the sealant and installation of any removed components/structures.

Tony Eversden, JMC’s Head of Engineering commented: “Due to the complex nature of this work it was imperative that it was performed by professionals due to the restricted accessibility of a number of areas being located inside the fuel tanks, where there is limited space and high volumes of sealant that needed to be removed and reapplied. Due to most areas being so compact, generally only one specialist can physically fit into them. The labour-intense work undertaken was a result of the intricate and time-consuming sealer restoration technology. Our proficient team co-operated fluently to accomplish the tasks safely and to the highest standards.”

“FLS operations can be delivered globally by our dedicated in-house team. We complete all the necessary paperwork on behalf of our client and issue a Certificate of Conformity that can be referenced and incorporated under our client ‘s P145. Furthermore, we fulfil all of the required tasks using our in-house specialist inventoried tooling, and our competitive prices are inclusive of travel, HOTAC etc.”

The airline’s tank structure inspection was completed by JMC’s team of engineers within the client’s facility. A total of 7 individuals were involved in the FLS works. JMC’s team are industry leading specialists and have completed 29 comprehensive FLS checks since 2017 for prestigious clients.

JMC’s experts have also successfully reduced the time taken to complete the full FLS package, improving clients TAT (turnaround time) and lowering the cost of them sourcing their own engineers.

Petr Kofron, Head of Procurement at Czech Airlines Technics added: “We are very pleased with the co-operation with JMC and we value their support on the FLS project this year. We would like to also highlight the excellent results made by the whole team. It was our pleasure to work with such highly experienced professionals. Together with our NDT specialists, they have helped us to find a solution to complete the job for our customer effectively and on time. We are looking forward to next co-operating with the team on any FLS projects in the future.“

For further information, please contact JMC’s Head of Engineering, Tony Eversden on +44(0)1392 268310 or email

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